CLIENT - Andrei Puiu

STATUS: Logo design 

YEAR - 2017


"Soul food served right outta vinyl platters."

30 and still kickin', born and raised in Alba Iulia but based in Cluj Napoca, Puiu is one of the vinyl-record addicts and collectors who choose to buzz the crowd's ears with the finest tunes. His past experience and constant affinity towards new and spicy musical grounds, brought Puiu to the present point where a genre-pattern for his Dj set-up is considered nothing but boring. No rules are applied, no playlists are previously "glued", which only make Puiu's sets very fresh and based on a "get it while it's hot" - principle. Acid Jazz, Trip-hop, Bossa Nova, Hip Hop beats, old-school Funk, Soul - are some of the few styles your ears might wanna dance on if you decide to drop by when Puiu spins some of his records.

The branding design was inspired by the funky old-school tunes spinned up on a bold and colourful palette.