CLIENT - Eleven Magazine

STATUS: Poster Design 

YEAR - 2017


"Emergency life support design." 

Creating the Shelter 48 competition poster was a rather challenging task. The complexity of the brief gave us all sort of ideas which seemed to have very narrow applicability while tackling one disaster in particular rather than the general term. Finally, with the guidelines provided by the Eleven-team, we came up with a generic poster that intrigues the viewer’s eye. An almost apocalyptic scenario is depicted with strokes of ash blue and vivid purple. The title of the competition is in contrast to the background due to the use of white sketch lines, miming a blueprint design. 
Regarding the number 48, which signifies the critical time needed for survivors to find shelter after a disaster, we've portrayed it by using an alarm-clock font, which enhances the symbol behind the time frame, rather than the number itself.