CLIENT: NEPI Rockcastle

STATUS: Proposal for City Business Centre Lobby 

CONCEPT DESIGN:  Adelina Barbu & Ileana Balan 

SITE: Timisoara, Romania 

YEAR: 2017

SUPPLIERS: MorosoFlosHerman MillerDeltaglassTerraMoss  


"Art Deco meet Industrial style."

By definition, the term lobby denotes the main hall of a public or private building, serving as a waiting space. It represents the first public contact with the interior and the main functions of the building it is destined for. 

We wanted our solution to transcend through form, texture and colour the feeling of gentleness but also empowerment to those who are in direct contact with the space. Thus, we chose Art Deco as our main source of inspiration, where the design lines maintain a natural fluidity while the overall geometric patterns create a harmonious assembly. The materials as well as the colour scheme have the common purpose of creating a space that enhances the boundaries of what is public yet intimate