CLIENT: Gila Shemie Zakay

CONCEPT DESIGN:  Tom Steinfeld & Ileana Balan

SITE: Or Yehuda, Israel  

YEAR: 2017

PHOTOSHOOT: Follow the blue rabbit.


"Let there be water."

The concept that generated the entire project was to create a space that flows, imitating waters path from the spring to the tap. This flow of water, a very predominant aspect in Gaon’s brand, was imitated using the color spectrum. Since the company is composed of multiple branches, each of them is represented by a color on the color spectrum. This way each branch has its own characteristic while still being part of a whole.

Using a design scheme that is inspired from the color spectrum generates an environment that is professional and reliable, where the entire staff can benefit from. The overall floor-plan scheme is designed so that it emphasises a central circulation root from which all the company’s branches are easily accessible. As you walk along the hallway, there are certain areas, that through design, mark specific elements of the floor-plan. Such areas are: the main open space, situated at the entrance, the cafeteria “Gaon Coffee House”, located on the western side of the floorplan or the manager’s area, situated in the southern part. These areas are market by the intensive, yet skillful use of color and textures that set them apart from the rest of the space.

Using dark blue and shades of grey, as main accents around the space, the design strategy is in perfect sync with Gaon’s brand identity. This in term inspired for calmness, professionalism and motivation.