CLIENT Hotel Cota 1400

CONCEPT DESIGN & VISUALS yours truly, Bre.

SITE Sinaia, Prahova County, Romania

YEAR 2018 - 2019




Hotel Cota 1400, is located in the remote Romanian Carpathian mountain chain, more specifically in the Bucegi National Park, Prahova County, Sinaia. Historically, the hotel was first conceived in 1932 under the talented hangs of Mircea Cherembach and Ilie Teodorescu, as a commission from Romanian’s Royal Family. The building was put into use in 1939 as a sanatorium and health clinic under the name The Euphoria of Romanian Hospitals [Euforia Spitalelor Romane]. The sanatorium became a hotel only after World War two, when major renovations were made to the building. Starting with the new post-war political regime, the hotel has not changed its last utility, but renovations and interior modifications have been made yearly.

Any intervention on a historical building needs the right balance between two important aspects. Firstly, the intervention needs to reflect the history of the space. Secondly, the intervention needs to be sufficiently adaptable to the current needs of the users.

The main concept of the Apres-Ski is the impact it has on its clients and staff. Most importantly, the interventions memorable characteristics. Thus, the renovation of the hotel’s bar and terrace has to reflect a space that feels informal, urban and one that would reflect it’s history. Most importantly, the space had to be adaptable to summer- winter conditions and to various activities that would take place inside the apres-ski.

The materials used for the renovation are natural, rustic and with an overall urban industrial design language, in order to accommodate the ideal Apres-ski’s clientele. The main colour palette is focused on shades of grey, with accents of both blue and yellow, as complementary colours.