CLIENT: Gila Shemie Zakay

CONCEPT DESIGN:  Liora Goder Dahan, Shirley Sella & Ileana Balan

SITE: Ramat Gan, Tel-Aviv Israel  

YEAR: 2018

SUPPLIERS: Caesar Ceramiche Hezi Bank  | Flos | Maxalto | B&B Italia | Gandia Blasco 


"Light came through the window."


The concept that acts as a base for the design approach is rooted in the question - "What does a contemporary family need?". Tackling this question, the design approach is regarded as a play of materials and textures that have acquired homey | familiar characteristics

Each space is designed around the user's experience. The main visual separation is created between the day - night areas. In the day area, large sliding metal windows separate what is inside from the lavishing exterior terrace - garden.  Materials such as rough oak wood contrast white marble and snow white accents around the space, guiding the user to specific, functional areas of the space. The night areas, preserve the same design language between materials, but this time, their relationship is easier to spot. Concrete and wood spoil themselves in the natural light, while darker, smaller elements create the right visual reference for specific functional areas.  


The overall space works with materials and textures rather  than with object that fill the space. One can perceive it as a blank canvas that can inhabit every need of its inhabitants rather than impose a style.