lamerwood home

DESIGN TEAM: Atelier/D & Bre. 

STATUS: Design competition entry

SITE: London, UK

YEAR: 2016

RENDERS: Atelier/D



"It is a home not a house."

The whole process was a quest for integrity, a search to reconcile the ideal of a family with the absolute independence of the individual, so that every space inhabited becomes one to own: private, permanent - yet free.

The general concept of our intervention is to create a home that is bound to place and is born out of the natural context. A home that reflects in its approach both the diverse personalities of its family and the natural surroundings, that is open, adaptive and fits the personalities of its users in the best possible way. Each room gives it’s occupant a unique space, an individual view, a private conversation with nature, yet unity with the whole by means of a common architectural language, materials, pathways and vegetation.

From the exterior the house itself seems to dissolve in the landscape, only showing glimpses and fragments of itself according to its viewer. To a guest the home creates a warm private living space while to the members of the family it’s not as shy .It frames the exterior landscape in views destined for contemplation and awe.

This way, the home has a very distinct architectural discourse, it is more reserved at the main entrance while opening up towards the lake. Using pivoting walls towards the exterior the circulatory routs become dynamic, driving the family users to create their own personal path of exploration rather than a predetermined one. Interaction inside the house is ultimately up to the user.

Our intervention represents a poetic and complex dialog between the enclosure and it’s surroundings , a proud air of isolation folded one into the other, but both allowed to breathe the rhythms of seasons.