CLIENT Gila Shemie Zakay - Interior Design

CONCEPT DESIGN Tom Steinfeld & yours truly

SITE Tel Aviv, Israel

YEAR 2019


MOOD VULFPECK & Antwaun Stanley - Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together


“Light as a feather."

The overall concept of the project is to create a space that transmits complete transparency and lightness. A communicative work environment that dictates the pace of the company, embraced by a collaborative yet fun theme.

From open space to private office rooms, the space is divided into several types of working zones. The goal is to give each of them their own identity, yet find a way to tie them all together in perfect harmony. A minimal and soft color palette is chosen to  tune in perfectly with the overall concept of the project.

Each area is complimented by a variety of calm yet dominant textures and materials. Elegant yet modest lighting fixtures add to the magic flow of the venue. In addition, a subtle touch of greenery all around the space, adds to the importance of the workers’ and guests’ morale, thus completes the overall design.