SITE Chi Jus, Dolomites, Italy

YEAR 2019

MOOD Joy Crookes - Don’t let me down


“heim heimAT heimFAHRT“

We believe that some words are so powerful that they can’t be defined, they have to be experienced and felt. Thus, we conceived Ode to Self, a human sized artwork that best describes to us the meaning of heimat.

In between the ration and ego - which mold the shape and texture of the broad daylight being, lies this speck of either infinite universe or divinity, which we call "the self". It is neither the consciousness, nor the subconsciousness, yet it somehow swallows them both in a space where matter and time give in to the beauty of surrender, thus trying to define it loses importance or significance.

Few of us are deeply aware of the Self's existence and even less of us actually listen to the Self manifesting in day to day life, yet there are still some who actually align with it in a gracious and calm flow of serenity. What is absolutely certain, is that all of us experience or have experienced states of complete quiet and peace in some contexts of our lives, away from the urban buzz which tends to be louder than what lies inside of us.

Nature is one of the contexts which give us the perfect surrounding to perform introspection and/or actually listen to our self, while recharging with an infinite stream of positiveness. Nature has the power to reflect its echoing perfection in us, exactly how each of our selves may reflect in and to nature. We may as well narrow down this universal rooted energy. We are energy, as is everything surrounding us.

We bloom, we light-up and fill with joy and beauty when we are nearby by such feelings, and as soon as we accomplish the state of serenity, we...well, we let it show, most of the times involuntarily.

The artwork is composed of five elements, each one of them serving as a conductor of energy. Starting from the ground up, the battery pack, located at the base of the installation stores and balances the solar energy needed to power the 15w light bulb. Through the metal pipe, the electric wire connects the LED light bulb to the battery pack. The metal glazed plastic sphere surrounds the light bulb. This element will be fully custom made. Techniques such as in void spray painting will be taken into account in order to achieve the artwork's characteristics.